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Frequently Asked Questions
General Question
A Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) Physician is a fully qualified doctor who has then done specialist training in medicine for active people. It includes training in the management of musculoskeletal injuries that goes well beyond drugs and surgery.

The training covers all aspects of medicine that relate to peak performance and staying healthy. This includes guiding you through lifestyle changes, providing pharmacotherapy (medications), advising on the use of braces, splints and orthotics and knowing when to refer to other health professionals.

A Sports Physician aims to help you perform at your best no matter who you are and whatever your goals.

Regenexx Australia treats musculoskeletal injury and pain, whether acute or degenerative.

Some joint injuries can be overtly painful and interfere with activity, but some are less obvious low-grade inflammatory problems that will in time lead to premature joint damage. Regenexx Australia provides treatments that have been clinically proven to stop or slow the progression of joint degeneration, relieve pain and improve function.

If you are an active person with grumbling pain in a joint, consider having a consultation to be sure you are keeping your joints in the best possible condition for your lifestyle.

We also treat soft tissue injuries to ligaments and tendons, as well as specialised soft tissues such as the rotator cuff and the plantar fascia.

Regenexx Australia does not treat head and neck injuries. Only a few back problems are suitable for Regenexx Australia treatments.

We do not treat patients for chronic, systemic or genetic diseases (such as Rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia), but understand these people still play sport, exercise, or get injured and require treatment at all stages of their life.

We do not treat injuries arising from a motor vehicle accident and will not write insurance reports or legal reports relating to injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents.

Regenexx (USA) has been pioneering non-surgical orthopaedic treatments since 2005. It would be impossible for Regenexx Australia to offer all of the treatments provided by their large, multi-doctor practice with a research facility on site, but most Regenexx treatments for peripheral joints, limbs and some lower back problems are offered by Regenexx Australia.

Regenexx Australia adheres to the processing and treatment protocols developed by Regenexx to maximise safety and efficacy.

Initial consults usually last for approximately 40 minutes.

At Regenexx Australia we always try to run to schedule, but we also try to give patients the time they need. We value your time and will try to keep you informed of any delays. We are happy to answer phone calls on the day of your appointment to check that the doctor is running to schedule.

Please try not to be late for appointments as it reduces the time available to work on your problems and impacts on all patients that come after you that day.

Bring any investigations you have had already with you but do not try to guess what investigations will be needed or arrange for your own investigations. If further investigations are needed you will be advised of this at your consultation.

SEM Physicians can order MRI’s for their patients that are eligible for Medicare rebates. Often tests other than MRI’s can be bulk billed.

Yes. Private patients need a referral for the particular condition(s) needing treatment from their GP (or another doctor) if they wish to claim a Medicare rebate.

Although many treatments attract a Medicare rebate, all PRP and some other Regenerative Medicine treatments do not. There are also restrictions on the type and number of services that can be provided on the same day and still attract a Medicare rebate. You will be advised if your treatment might attract a Medicare benefit before any treatment is provided.

Referrals from allied health practitioners are welcome, but these will not enable the patient to get a Medicare rebate for services provided by an SEM physician.

All cases are judged on an individual basis, but most treatments supported by EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) are supported by Worker’s Compensation insurers.

WorkCover patients need a referral from their nominated treating doctor. They also need pre-approval from their insurer for all consultations and treatments they want billed to their insurer. Without pre-approval the patient will be required to pay for all treatments and consultations at the time.

No, but if needed we can refer you to an appropriate surgeon or arrange for your GP to advise you of a suitable alternative.

You should not take Aspirin, NSAID’s or Prednisone for 2-4 weeks before some Regenexx Australia procedures. Statins and some anti-hypertensives can also cause problems.

Unless you are allergic to the following medications you can always take paracetamol or Codeine for pain. You should continue taking thyroid supplements and Insulin. You should always check before you stop taking any prescription medication.

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