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Clinical services

Patients wanting to see a Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) Physician benefit from having a referral from another doctor requesting treatment for that particular condition.

Most consultations and procedures related to PRP, SCP or synthetic joint fluids are not covered by Medicare. Many other treatment options are eligible for a Medicare rebate and having a referral from another doctor can give you access to these rebates.

Referrals from allied health practitioners are welcome, but these will not enable the patient to get a Medicare rebate for any specialist services provided by an SEM Physician.

Initial consultations usually last for 40 minutes.

Investigative services

SEM Physicians can order MRI’s for their patients that are eligible for Medicare rebates.

The doctors at Regenexx Australia are trained and accredited in the use of point-of-care ultrasound and are able to perform and interpret a range of scans during a consultation.

Treatment services

SEM Physicians are fully qualified doctors who have undertaken a minimum of four years specialist training in SEM. They can prescribe medications and exercise, give injections and admit patients with serious problems to hospital. Additionally, they have a thorough understanding of when to refer to allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, podiatrists, dieticians and massage therapists.

Injection services

The doctors at Regenexx Australia are trained in the use of injections to target treatment most effectively. Patients can be injected with a range of medication from classical treatments such as Cortisone and Hyaluronic Acid (synthetic joint fluid) through to regenerative medicine treatments including Prolotherapy and PRP.

Before patients are given an injection, they have the proposed benefits and possible risks of the injection explained so they can sign informed consent. Injections are almost always given using ultrasound guidance to improve accuracy and reduce risk.

Medical opinions

Regenexx Australia does not treat injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents or provide medico-legal opinions.

Note: We do not treat necks, backs and spines.

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