What is it?

Dextrose Prolotherapy is the injection of a concentrated Dextrose solution mixed with a potent local anaesthetic directly into a damaged tissue. Usually a short course of injections given a few weeks apart is needed to treat soft tissue injuries such as tendinitis or a ligament strain. Some joint pains are also helped by repeated injections given about 1 month apart. The Dextrose solution is manufactured under sterile conditions specifically for administration by injection.

How much time does it take?

Dextrose Prolotherapy is an “off-the-shelf” treatment that can be provided as part of a booked consultation. No preparation is required. Usually at least 4 to 5 injections given at consultations 3 to 4 weeks apart are required to produce healing in soft tissue injuries. If patients have not responded after 3 injections they are unlikely to. Most patients do not benefit from having more than 7 injections in a series.

Will it help me?

Dextrose Prolotherapy can help many people with soft tissue pain due to chronic strains of ligaments and tendons, including the rotator cuff and plantar fascia. Independent clinical data supports its use in the treatment of tennis and golfer’s elbow. About 70% of patients have total or near total resolution of symptoms related to soft tissue injuries.

A small number of joint problems can be helped by Dextrose Prolotherapy.  It forms part of a total treatment program including activity modification and a good diet.

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